Designing Hope For Chicago Poster Series — Now On Kickstarter!

For those who came out on December 8th at the Chicago Design Museum for an evening of art, awareness and inspiration, we thank you for your incredible support of Ferrer youth! Designing Hope for Chicago was a huge, wonderful success and we are so grateful to all that contributed to making the event such a memorable night.

The artwork and messages of peace and hope that they communicate are powerful and have been embraced by our community. Because we feel we can reach a larger audience with these important prints, we have decided to offer a limited run of the posters to the broader community via Kickstarter.

For the next month, stop by our campaign, collect more of your favorite posters from the series and share our campaign with your friends and family. Every sale helps further the Ferrer mission and allows our message to reach more people.

Check out our Kickstarter campaign and help us #silencetheviolence.