Our mission is to inspire peace and hope for children in underserved Chicago communities. Dedicated to enriching the lives of these children, we provide a range of programming and support including educational wellness, violence prevention, motivational tools, and mentoring. Focusing on, but not limited to children of incarcerated parents, our goal is to empower youth who have yet to maximize their full potential. Ferrer Foundation has served hundreds of children in the Chicago metropolitan area since being founded in 2007.

At the heart of the Ferrer Foundation is founder and Chicago native, Meghan Olson. The Ferrer Foundation was originally established to honor the life and work of Father Miguel Ferrer. Nearly a decade ago, Ferrer was living in Puerto Rico when Olson’s father was falsely accused of a crime and temporarily incarcerated in Puerto Rico. Ferrer’s mentorship, kindness, compassion and faith came at a time when Olson and her family needed it most. And though Father Ferrer passed away shortly after knowing the Olson family, his profound impact and mission continues to live on through the Ferrer Foundation and Meghan Olson’s vision.